Learning to love my food addiction and cancer

How unoriginal, I know. Show me someone without some kind of food addiction or cancer. We are ONE LARGE CLUB! I am adding my voice to this not-so-exclusive club because:

I can.

And because my favorite reading material has always been inspiring, beautiful stories of people who have pulled through incredible circumstances: Rising above obstacles, digging through trenches, hanging off the proverbial cliff by their fingernails which, I know, sounds like basic everyday life nowadays. I used to devour the Reader’s Digest at my grandmother’s house, not only because it was the only reading material in a 10-mile radius  but because I would go straight for those true tales of courage. While I don’t think I’d have the unspeakable courage to saw off one of my own limbs if I had to, I do believe we all have what it takes to pull through some pretty incredible stuff.

So inspired by these amazing souls who write blogs, hosts vlogs and create youtube channels to hold themselves accountable, I thought: Hey, why not? This might actually work. Aside from my journal, I’ve never had to be accountable to anyone but myself. Maybe, just maybe, being accountable to the whole wide world (or the one person who might accidentally fall on my page) might do the trick. So here goes:

Why Spirituality Meets Reality?

Because, spirituality to me, is:

  • Meditating (if I don’t hit the snooze button too many times in the morning)
  • Deep breathing (if I manage to get up early, I meditate AND do my deep breathing routine! A 2 for 1!)
  • Reading (inspired/inspiring reading)
  • Writing (I loooove writing. Would do it all day long if I could)
  • Yoga (weekly, daily, monthly… what can I say, it fluctuates)
  • Putting into practice what I’ve meditated on, deep breathed in, read about and yoga’d.

All wonderful tools that saved my body and mind when I was faced with my diagnosis (all gone as I write these words – as far as I know). Actions that I used to engage in, religiously, daily, for close to a year. Then I got better and thinner. Then I let life take over which brings us to…


  • I’m a newly single mother of 3 (all in their 20’s… a whole lot easier… great timing!)
  • I’m a cancer club member (celebrating 5 years in a few short weeks)
  • I carry a lot of excess weight (been carrying it most of my adult life)
  • I share my days with a serious food addiction (this one has been around all my life – what can I say, my ego is VERY persuasive)

So accountability is what I am looking for. With cancer being a not-so-distant memory… actually it is a constant memory. The slightest cough makes you wonder all over again if the Big C has decided to make a comeback – since comebacks of all kinds are now quite the thing to do. The food addiction is another biggie. Five years back, I took “care” of the cancer by changing my thoughts and my food!  Slowly, but surely, I kicked a lot of the bad habits to the permanent curb but a few of them have come back like unwelcomed guests and have settled themselves back in quite comfortably.  Food, emotions and cancer. They’re my Big 3! 

I write for myself and for any one of you who might come upon this blog. Welcome to my strange collection of thoughts, dribbles and struggles of the every day kind. Because, honestly, what else is there? Life, I think it’s called.

My motto:

Love everyone (including myself).

Judge no one (yup! me too)


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