Expiry Dates and the Gift of Choice

So here’s the thing. You’ve been to the doctor and you’ve been given THE expiry date. A month, a year or one of those get-your-affairs-in-order date. First reaction? My guess is you probably panicked. Your whole body packed solid with fear. Next thing you did, if you’re like me, is you dragged yourself to your computer and through blurry, teary eyes, tried to find a way out, a way around or a way through.

pexels-photo-159010Hopefully, you landed on this page because I am here to tell you that I CHOSE not to believe in the dreadful power of that expiry date.  Why? Everyone’s heard of at least one person with seemingly perfect health that one day just keeled over. Personally, I’ve heard of one man, in his 40’s, who ran marathons for crying out loud. Went for a run one morning. His last. Another man, in his 30’s, newly married, expecting his first child, rode his bike to work every morning. Blissful life, great shape right? Well, he got swiped by a truck. Point is, NO ONE can tell you what your expiry date is.

After being given my own two-year expiry date, I chose to forego traditional cancer treatments. I’m not saying it was the right thing, or the only thing, to do. What I am saying is that I did what I felt was the right thing for me.

Because, let’s face it: in the throes of fear (remember that you are also carrying the weight of your loved ones’ fears) we are most likely to forget a little something called inner wisdom. We all have it. It also goes by the name of intuition.  And yes, they may be right. Your body may only have one day to go, or a week, or a year… but what if you chose HOW you spent it? That is the only “certainty”, the only “control” you have. Most people, like the two gentlemen I spoke of earlier, never got that chance. To choose, I mean. I’m pretty sure there are a few things that they would have liked to do before leaving their family and friends. And so, expiry dates give you a chance to do just that: do everything you feel you need to do or have always wanted to do.  HOW you do this is up to you. In fear? In love? In faith? Faith (and a good health strategy!) can move mountains. It did for me. What if the date given to you was the wrong date? What if your body could go a few more rounds?   

I chose not to live by my expiry date. I chose to trust my intuition and go down a road my body and soul were pointing to. Against my partner’s wishes. Against my doctor’s wishes. Not because they didn’t care about me, but because THEY DID.  Was I afraid? Yup. I was terrified. And so were the people close to me. But somehow my long-forgotten faith, along with my intuition, both kicked in. Five years later, to the day, I’m still here. I am thankful for every single minute of every single day.

A week or a month may BE all you have. But my wish for you is that YOU CHOOSE how to spend that week or month: with or without treatments, natural or otherwise. CHOOSE HOW to spend each and every day!!

Love everyone. Judge no one.